Delinquent Assembly Management Process (DAMP)

Journey to Compliance

SwiftComply is committed to helping you increase your backflow assembly compliance rate. One way that this can be achieved is through the Delinquent Assembly Management Process (DAMP).

DAMP is focused on increasing compliance rate where backflow assemblies next test due date is a year or more in the past.

DAMP works by generating and sending batch(s) of letters between a period of time in the past. For example all assemblies with a next test due date between 2018-2022.

Checklist of requirements for DAMP

500 or more delinquent assemblies in SCBF that were due to be tested prior to 2022.

An overall compliance rate below 80%

More than 1000 Backflow Assemblies in SCBF

Important considerations before submitting a DAMP request

Bulk Mailing

Initiating this process will generate a large number of letters that will require printing and sending.

Query Surge

Sending a large number of letters will increase the number of customers contacting you with questions and queries.

Mail Returns

It is likely there will be an increase in return mail for you to manage.

Resend Policy

Returned mail that requires resending to a new contact will need to be sent via an ad hoc notice. Click the button below to view Ad hoc instructions.

DAMP Eligibility

Each regulator that meets the requirements is entitled to submit one DAMP request form per calendar year.

Next Steps

SwiftComply has approved my DAMP request. What do I need to do next?

You are one step further on the journey to increase backflow assembly compliance.

1. Navigate to the Communications level  in SwiftComply

2. You will now see a new Communication Type “Delinquent Assemblies 2024” has been created. 

If you cannot see a Communication Type with this name please notify SwiftComply before proceeding to the next step. 

3. Create a new letter template using the new communication type “Delinquent Assemblies 2024”  Knowledge base instructions here.

    • a. Type= Delinquent Assemblies 2024 that was created in step 1
    • b. Communication Name *= Delinquent Assemblies (period of time targeted by the letter. For example 2019-2020).
    • c. Period= 1 Days After
    • d. Date format= Choose the date format you wish to show on your letter 
    • e. Contact Types= Select the contact types you would like the letters to be sent to. Multiple contact types can be selected. 
    • f. Contact Methods= Letter
    • g. Select Edit communication text and add the contents of your letter
    • h. Preview your letter and ensure the information is accurate
    • i. Do not publish the letter. The letter should remain unpublished. 

4. Submit a DAMP confirmation form. 

    • Once this form has been submitted a request is made for our engineering team to generate the letters.
    • You will receive an email notifying you when the letters have been generated in SwiftComply. 

5. The FINAL step 

    • Now your letters have been generated you can download, print, send and mark as sent. 
    • Review the knowledge base for instructions of how to download and action the letters. 

Frequently Asked Questions