Save Time and Improve Compliance 

XC2 Software saves you time and eliminates the need for paper records, instantly improving your program data’s reliability.

Take Control of Your Backflow Program

XC2 Software is a database system that automates the backflow program admin while making it easy to track and improve compliance.

Save Time

Automate your most time consuming tasks and focus on your core competencies. 

Gain Control

Utilise reports to identify high risk areas and proactively address threats to the system. 

Improve Compliance

Automatic notifications ensure that your customers receive timely and relevant compliance information. 

Let XC2 Do the Heavy Lifting 

Simplify your day to day operations with XC2 software. No matter the size of your program, XC2 instantly save your time and money while giving you more control of compliance in your municipality. 

What You Can Do With XC2 

Track Backflow Assemblies

Easy Compliance Reporting

Send Notices Automatically

Receive Automatic Reminders

Track & Review Test Notices

Send Unlimited Letters & Notices

Simplify Surveys & Inspections

Manage Backflow Testers

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See why over 450 cities across the country choose XC2 to support and enhance their Backflow Prevention programs. 

You’re in Great Company 

We work with over 450 customer across the country, including nine of the 20 biggest cities in the USA

Online Test Report Entry

Eliminate manual data entry by allowing your approved testers to submit test reports online. XC2 Live automatically verifies and syncs submitted reports with your XC2 database, allowing you to focus on higher priority compliance issues while retaining full control of your data.