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On-Line Backflow Test Results Entry

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XC2-Live - Hosted On-Line Backflow Test Entry Solutions:

XC2 Software, Self-Hosted Web Based Test Entry:

XC2 Backflow Prevention Management Software is available with a Web Based Test Result Entry Option.

  • Test Results may be entered by specified and approved testing contracting companies.

  • Test Results may be entered via a web browser.

  • Specified Testing Contractors will be fully validated upon entry with a password access system.

  • Access to the XC2 system is limited to only being able to enter test results.

  • Full validation of Data Entry is handled.
    Data entered must fit within given parameters prior to being accepted

  • Failed Test Entry can be automatically emailed to the administrator.

  • Questions and concerns can be emailed to the administrator.

  • Test Results can be verified and approved by your Backflow Program Manager (or other designated approval person) prior to accepting the results.

  • Web Server Port can be designated by your system administrator.

  • Customized Web Pages are available as an option.

Previews Below:
XC2 Web Entry - List View
XC2 Web Entry - Entry View

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